Our Research

Our areas of research focus on the themes below, the main one being the study of the two-way relation between physical and mental illnesses.

The two-way relationship between physical and mental illnesses

The objective: Better understand the effects of a physical illness on mental health and vice versa, in order to develop prevention, screening and intervention strategies for the management of individuals with physical and mental comorbidities.

Health services

The objective: Design innovative approaches to integrate care and continuum of services.

Education and knowledge transfer

The objective: Develop, validate and adapt training methods for Francophone healthcare workers in minority settings.

The Collaborative Research Approach

The Collaborative Research Approach (CRA) addresses issues from the perspectives of many different partners, with varied opinions, responsibilities and complementary experience. Together they explore the subject, from all angles, and reach solutions for the benefit of patients.

Opting for a CRA means encouraging the collaboration of several partners with complementary expertise, to develop meaningful professional relationships based on mutual aid and communication.

Ethics in our research

The Montfort’s Research Ethics Committee is completely independent of our institute. We obtained our qualification of Clinical Trial Ontario (CTO). Visit the ethics website to learn more.