Accessibility and Confidentiality

Accessibility of our web platform

Accessibility, as fundamental criteria of equality for all, provides that physical and virtual spaces, such as a website, are adapted to meet the needs of people with disabilities. By following this inclusive principle, the ISM is committed to complying with the WCAG 2.0 AA recommended XHTML and CSS standards as well as the highest government standards for web accessibility.


  • A textual equivalent is provided for any image that does not benefit from any description in the accompanying text.
  • The layout does not use any invisible image.
  • Images are only used when there is no other HTML element to convey the information.


  • Any information whose interpretation is based on the choice of a color can also be interpreted by texts or images: borders, underlining, boldness, font, etc.
  • The contrast between the background and the foreground colors does not interfere with the experience of visually impaired individuals as well as those who have difficulty perceiving colors.
  • No phenomenon of oscillation on the screen is likely to harm individuals with photosensitive epilepsy.

Structure and presentation

  • The layout of the Institut du Savoir Montfort’s website is largely based on the use of externals style sheets, which maintains a uniform presentation across the website.
  • Pages are structured using logical HTML markup.


  • Language changes in text are reported using necessary HTML markup.
  • The main language of each page is specified with the required attributes.


  • Tables are rarely used for the style of this site. Their use is reserved for the structuration of data.
  • The row and column header are identified by the necessary markup.


  • Many of the scripts used on this site are not used for any function that is essential for navigation or consulting information. Pages using scripts are otherwise accessible without JavaScript support, by the site map.


  • The layout allows users to change the size of the characters displayed with the features of their browser.

Navigation and links

  • The site map is accessible from every page.
  • The navigation menus reflect the structure of the information.
  • Adjacent links are separated as much as possible by printable characters to avoid confusion with assistive technologies.

Online forms

  • Each element in the forms is associated with a label.

Accessibility of downloadable documents

If you have difficulty filling out a form on our website, and if you have any questions, please contact us at 613-746-4621 #6079 or by e-mail at

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